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Celebrity Homes and Mansions Celebrity Homes and Mansions

Madonna Beverly Hills. 12 millions. Donald trump Palm Beach, 125 millions. Oprah Winfrey Santa Barbara, California, 50 millions. Will Smith Malibú, California. Miley Cyrus Studio City. David Beckham y Victoria Beckham Beckingham Palace, en Beverly Hills. $22 millions. Jennifer Aniston Beverly Hills, 15 millions. Eminem Detroit, Michigan. Jerry Seinfeld East Hampton, 32 millions. Candy Spelling […]

Celebrities In Jail Celebrities In Jail

Nick Carter in jail Nick Carter, from Backstreet Boy. Amanda Bynes in jail Amanda Bynes, actress. Haley Joel Osment in jail Haley Joel Osment, actor. Heather Locklear in jail Heather Locklear, actress. Bruno Mars in jail Bruno Mars (Pedro Hernández). Mischa Barton in jail Mischa Barton, actress. Vince Vaughn in jail Vince Vaughn, actor. Chace […]

Celebrities with acne Celebrities with acne

Don’t feel bad if you have acne or skin problems. Celebrities and famous people also have them. Britney Spears with acne Daniel Radcliffe with acne Megan Fox with acne Frankie Muñiz with acne Alicia Keys with acne Kate Uptown with acne Colin Farrell with acne Amy Winehouse with acne Cristiano Ronaldo with acne Aaron Carter […]

The real face of human Barbie dolls The real face of human Barbie dolls

Young girls like Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose are quickly becoming Internet sensations because they resemble the child’s plaything – with huge eyes, porcelain skin, bow lips and cascading hair. These young girls who resemble living dolls might boast large fan bases, but others believe that they are constructing dangerous precedents for those who look […]

Celebrity Beauty Secrets & Tips Celebrity Beauty Secrets & Tips

From beauty buys to at-home concoctions, discover how celebrities keep a youthful edge Jennifer López Stay out of the sun, however, if you are going to be in the sun, make sure you use sunscreen. Jennifer admits that doing so has saved her skin from the bad effects of sunlight. J Lo uses a face […]

Top Models Without Makeup Top Models Without Makeup

Models always looks great in magazine and Advertisements, but nothing could be further from the truth than these photos where the model’s appearance is transformed due to the makeup or Photoshop retouch. The truth is revealed in this photo gallery of famous top models without makeup. Adriana Lima Top model Adriana Lima without makeup. Alessandra […]

Celebrities Painted as Russian Generals Celebrities Painted as Russian Generals

Based on a series of antique paintings made by the artist George Dawe. these new portraits shows some of the top celebrities of today as historic russian generals. Personalities such as Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods or the famous creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, are protagonists of this peculiar art gallery. Author: […]

The Dark Side of Celebrities The Dark Side of Celebrities

We present “The Dark Side of the Celebrities,” imagining how the celebrities would look if their skin was different. Note: This article is based only in stereotypes. Some features were exaggerated just to differentiate as much as possible with the original image and without any intention of offending. Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie, actress. Jennifer Aniston […]

Before and After Makeup Before and After Makeup

Before and after makeup – Example 1 Before and after makeup – Example 2 Before and after makeup – Example 3 Before and after makeup – Example 4 Before and after makeup – Example 5 Before and after makeup – Example 6 Before and after makeup – Example 7 Before and after makeup – Example […]

Celebrities As Simpsons Characters Celebrities As Simpsons Characters

Many episodes of The Simpsons feature parodies of famous people. These are different from actual celebrity cameos since these people seem to have never actually appeared on The Simpsons in a cameo role and the references are often satirical in nature. Bill Gates on The Simpsons Bill Gates Dalai Lama on The Simpsons Dalai Lama […]