From beauty buys to at-home concoctions, discover how celebrities keep a youthful edge

Secretos de belleza de Jennifer López

Jennifer López

Stay out of the sun, however, if you are going to be in the sun, make sure you use sunscreen. Jennifer admits that doing so has saved her skin from the bad effects of sunlight.
J Lo uses a face cream that is made from rose petals and avocado base, which helps in protecting the skin from excessive irritation and dryness. The cooling effect of the rose petals is a great help in retaining the moisture of the skin and also in providing a perfect base for the makeup.
Apart from this, she recommends a proper diet with lots of proteins and regular hydration for a beautiful skin. Drinking lot of water maintains the moisture of the skin and helps in delaying aging.

Secretos de belleza de Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

For her top beauty secrets, Moss recommends waxing or lasers to shaving. Use tons of moisturizer and get plenty of beauty sleep she says. she likes to spritz her skin with rose water to combat dehydration. She likes to refresh her face with ice water and cucumber, an old-school Joan Crawford beauty trick. The cucumber takes out the puffiness. Milla has been practising martial arts for the past decade and keeps her figure in check with that. She also drinks a lot of water.

Secretos de belleza de Chisty Turlington

Chisty Turlington

At the end of every summer, Turlington does an Organic Avenue juice cleanse to give her digestive system a cleansing. Organic Avenue is an organic, vegan brand raw food and juice company. They deliver the diet drinks to your doorstep and the Love Easy is an introductory cleanse for women who are new to raw foods eating.
Christy is a strong believer that beauty comes from within. Balance yourself and take care or your body, mind and spirit for natural beauty. Use ecofriendly natural beauty products and organic foods. Finally, don’t smoke.

Secretos de belleza de Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

When it comes to having flawless skin Uma’s secret is eating health. She says she forces herself to eat fruit and veggies so she feels more energized.

Stress-relief is also very important to Uma who takes piping hot baths with salt.

Secretos de belleza de Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is a fan of Organic Avenue smoothies – packed with anti-oxidant rich veggies. She says she discovered them a few years ago and the results have been amazing!
Gwyneth isn’t afraid to add some fat to her diet, healthy fat that is. She indulges now and then on avocados which help prevent aging by restoring healthy fat.
Because she always gets her workout in, Gwyneth never feels guilty when she swipes a snack from her kids like fried zucchini.
No matter what, Gwyneth likes to get at least 8 hours sleep a night.
There’s only so much Gwyneth can do with diet and fitness, Gwyneth applies her favorite anti-aging product Syn-ake, a synthetic snake venom that temporarily inhibits muscular activity.

Secretos de belleza de Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova

"I squeeze a bit of lemon juice and wash my face with it. The acid kind of pulls everything out that wants to come out and dries everything out, so it’s not so glamorous, but you just shine!"
"I try to steam every day, It’s very good for your skin, gets rid of all your toxins, it kind of opens up your pores, makes your skin flawless, it kind of exfoliates.”

Secretos de belleza de Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Exfoliation with a home made honey and salt scrub is one of her big secrets. She rubs honey and salt on her skin to exfoliate then washes it off after. Zeta Jones says this age old beauty trick helps her combat wrinkles and make her skin soft and gorgeous.
Jones has a few other home grown beauty tricks up her sleeve, one being washing her hair in honey and beer to soften and condition it. Another being to clean teach by eating an apple after a mean, or brushing with strawberries or pineapple to lighten surface stains naturally with the fruits malic acid.

Secretos de belleza de Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyonce’s must-have beauty essential is something YOU can buy in a drugstore. She loves Aquaphor. She say’s it’s like Vaseline. Beyonce uses it not just as a moisturizer, but she uses it to slick her hair back, as a lip gloss, and over her makeup for a dewy look

Secretos de belleza de Kate Moss

Kate Moss

For her top beauty secrets, Moss recommends waxing or lasers to shaving. Use tons of moisturizer and get plenty of beauty sleep she says.
She likes to spritz her skin with rose water to combat dehydration. She likes to refresh her face with ice water and cucumber, an old-school Joan Crawford beauty trick. The cucumber takes out the puffiness.

Secretos de belleza de Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Sandra has an enviable figure, which she keeps in shape when filming with Pilates, weight training and kickboxing and when at home she runs or rides a bike. She says she doesn’t diet, but sometimes uses The Zone, a healthy lifestyle plan which chooses the right combination of foods, and encourages eating small meals, at least six times a day. The plan aims to program the body’s insulin levels and train it to burn fat, thus shedding any excess weight.

Secretos de belleza de Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria


  • In the gym she does kickboxing cardio, weight training, core training, jump rope, and strength training.
  • At home she loves to do lunges with torso twists, squats, and leg presses.
  • She also practices yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and rides a bike.
  • In addition, Eva walks for 45 minutes before breakfast daily.
  • Beauty:

  • Ripples – “Masks Sublimes Ripples” from L’Oreal Paris with a cream formula with Glycerin moisturizing for brightness and elasticity.
  • She prefers a “natural rose” lipstick
  • For her tanned-looking skin, she uses “Sun Duo Dust” from Glam Bronze
  • “At least once a week, Eva mixes used coffee grinds with olive oil and lemon juice to make a facial mask,” according to a source who told “The National Enquirer

Secretos de belleza de Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish beauty keeps her fantastic figure in shape for the red carpet by following a low carb Mediterraneon diet. She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, while keeping the bread, pasta, rice and olive oil in moderation.
The Mediterranean diet uses olive oil as the primary fat consumed. The menu is pretty well rounded including fruits, nuts, bread, ceral, pasta, rice, yogurt and chees. Fresh unprocessed food is encouraged, as is poultry, fish and eggs (instead of red meat). A glass of wine is fine.
Her temptations are bread, pasta, fried food and soda so she has to work at staying slender. She tries to avoid junk food and for a sweet tooth eats an all natural LaraBar on the run, only 210 calories.

Secretos de belleza de Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron uses lipstick as blush. Wearing lipstick as blush gives your cheeks a youthful, dewey glow and the color coordinates your cheeks with your lips, which is a look from high fashion photography. Matching cheeks and lips can set off other features such as long, dark, thick lashes, or great bone structure.
Cameron has admitted to having skin that is prone to breaking out. She says that water is her best anti-acne and anti-wrinkle remedy. She also usesoil-free moisturizers and Bergamot Face Wash.

Secretos de belleza de Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley

As soon as she gets up, and before she has breakfast or does anything active, Hurley forces down a large glass of warm water. ‘It tastes fairly disgusting,’ she admits. ‘But it’s fantastic for your digestive system.’

Another reason she glows with health is that she is never without a bottle of water in her bag, car or on her bedside table. Not only does it improve skin tone and eliminate toxins that tend to dull the complexion, but she says it staves off hunger pangs.

Secretos de belleza de Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

When it comes to her long locks, Kidman prefers cleansing in her favorite drinks. “If you’ve got red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice,” she says. “And, if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders.
The Aussie actress says rinsing her famous tresses in cranberry juice really brings out her highlights and there’s nothing like a glossy style to anti-age your look.

Secretos de belleza de Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Don’t assume that you need to take out a second mortgage to really invest in your anti-ageing regime. Julia Roberts has looked to her household ingredients to stay youthful-looking and when a manicure doesn’t fit into her busy schedule.
The mum-of-three keeps her nails in shape by soaking them in olive oil to really condition and nourish them. Not only does this boost the nail, but also moisturises and softens the cuticles too. Add a few drops of olive oil to a bowl of warm water and soak your nails for 10 minutes or longer if you have time.

Secretos de belleza de Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

#1 tip is keep it simple! She prefers to look natural and classic with her makeup and skincare choices – and why would you ever want to mess with that face!?
For those famous luscious lips she likes to play it down with a simple natural gloss with just a touch of color.
While she isn’t into injections and major plastic surgery – Angelina experiments with the occasional skin treatment, like fraxel-laser treatments. Angie also NEVER uses soap on her face and always wears SPF!

Secretos de belleza de Monica Belucci

Monica Belucci

Every morning Monica Bellucci begins with taking a cool shower. Also she devotes much attention to her skin moisturizing and let it have a refreshment of makeup. Monica opts for light-textured beauty aids and often uses refreshing face spray.
Monica Bellucci prefers to practise yoga and swimming, meanwhile she does nothing unwillingly, so everything is made to her heart’s content. She doesn’t stick to any diet, Monica prefers healthy eating.

Secretos de belleza de Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Cindy’s supermodel status hasn’t waned, thanks to her incredible body and flawless look. The key to keeping her skin in check? Cindy regularly sprays her face with a mixture of milk and water to keep her skin well-hydrated.

Secretos de belleza de Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Moore has always been into cutting edge anti aging treatments. She admits to doing colon cleanses. On David Letterman she said that when in Austria getting a detexifying colon cleanse she also got leech therapy as part of the wellness treatment.
Leeches have an enzyme that when they suck your blood it gets released into the blood. First the patient bathes in turpentine, then the leaches are latched on. Supposedly, it detoxifies the blood and is an ancient Egyptian cure all treatment.
Demi has said that the secret to looking young is feeling young. She also has a husband fifteen years younger than she is.