Young girls like Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose are quickly becoming Internet sensations because they resemble the child’s plaything – with huge eyes, porcelain skin, bow lips and cascading hair. These young girls who resemble living dolls might boast large fan bases, but others believe that they are constructing dangerous precedents for those who look to the Internet for beauty and fashion advice. The Lolita-style does not only over-sexualize young girls, but it also invites predators.

Kota Koti

Kota Koti, the human barbie doll

Another Internet sensation is Dakota Rose, known to her fans as Kota Koti, who has amassed an online following of over 50,000 on YouTube with over 13 million video views. In most of her hair and beauty tutorials, where Dakota Rose teaches viewers how to mimic her doe-eyed, bow-lipped style, the young girl remains silent as subtitles provide a step-by-step guide for viewers.

Dakota Rosa, real life barbie doll

Dakota Rose also has a large and particularly malicious group of online adversaries, who have dedicated much time on the Kota-Koti Tumblr to pick apart the young girl’s physical appearance.

Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo, living doll

Venus Angelic is a living doll. Although her popularity is on the rise, critics and professionals alike are voicing concern over the young girl’s Lolita style.
Venus Angelic is a 15-year-old girl who is gaining enormous popularity online because, well, she looks like a living doll. With huge eyes, porcelain skin and white-blonde hair, the teenager could be a life-size version of a young girl’s plaything.. 

Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova, real barbie girl

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, 27, famous internet celebrity in Russia, desperately erasing herself during last 7 years to be like someone else. She was born on August 23, 1985.

Valeria Lukyanova’s doll-like features and looks have left critics speculating on the authenticity of her claims. Her highly unusual plastic face and body proportions have also sparked concerns and questions as to how she managed to get that sweeping Barbie look.

Valerie Lukyanova, real face of barbie?

The Ukrainian has reportedly undergone plastic surgery as well as used everyday cosmetics to transform herself into a real-life Barbie. In a spoof video released in, an animated Valeria is shown going to a plastic surgeon’s office to attain her figure, and the flawless complexion is the result of putty

Do you want to look like a Barbie doll?

Every young girl loves her dolls as a child; but not every girl wants to look like those beloved dolls. However, a bizarre and potentially dangerous trend sweeping the Internet has teenagers gaining online fame because they resemble living dolls.
Thousands of girls around the world have shown interest in these girls, wanting to look like her. It is a great risk that girls are being influenced in this way.