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(Español) 10 Famosos que no están operados (Español) 10 Famosos que no están operados

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10 Celebrities With Amazing Tattoos 10 Celebrities With Amazing Tattoos

Take a look at this gallery of our Top 10 celebrities with the best tatoos. Candelaria Tinelli Ruby Rose Lady Gaga Kay Von D Cara Delevingne Mena Suvari Rihanna Angelina Jolie Miley Cirus Amalia Granata

Female Celebrities with hairy armpits and legs Female Celebrities with hairy armpits and legs

Beyonce with armpit hair Beyonce, singer. Britney Spears with armpit hair Britney Spears, singer & actress. Drew Barrimore with armpit hair Drew Barrimore, actress. Hilary Swank with armpit hair Hilary Swank, actress. Jessica Alba with hairy belly Jessica Alba, actress. Julia Roberts with armpit hair Julia Roberts, actress. Juliette Lewis with armpit hair Juliette Lewis, […]

Famous Celebrities Look-alikes Famous Celebrities Look-alikes

Teri Hatcher & Wendi Malick Celebrity look a likes: Teri Hatcher & Wendi Malick Norah Zeheter & Audrey Tatou Celebrity look a likes: Norah Zeheter and Audrey Tatou Cate Blanchett & Anna Torv Celebrity look a likes: Cate Blanchett and Anna Torv Juan Martin Del Potro & B J Novak Celebrity look a likes: Juan […]

Celebrity Teeth Before and After Celebrity Teeth Before and After

Ben Affleck teeth before & after Ben Affleck, actor Cristiano Ronaldo teeth before & after Cristiano Ronaldo, portuguese soccer player David Bowie teeth before & after David Bowie, actor and musician George Clooney teeth before & after George Clooney, actor Juan Martin Del Potro teeth before & after Juan Martin Del Potro, argentine tennis player […]

Before and After Drugs Before and After Drugs

1. Before and after drugs 2. Before and after drugs 3. Before and after drugs 4. Before and after drugs 5. Before and after drugs 6. Before and after drugs 7. Before and after drugs 8. Before and after drugs 9. Before and after drugs 10. Before and after drugs

Muscled celebrities before and after Muscled celebrities before and after

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after muscles Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947). Austrian-american former professional bodybuilder and politician. Beforeandafter.com.ar present an exclusive gallery of the manliest celebrities and their body transformations across the time. Bolo Yeung before and after muscles Bolo Yeung (1946). Chinese former competitive bodybuilder and a martial arts film actor. Dolph Lundgren before and after […]

Celebrities with lip injections Celebrities with lip injections

Beforeandafter.com.ar presents some of the worst cases of celebrities who ruined their faces with lip injections. See them before surgery and after the lip augmentation. Let’s start with Amanda Lepore. Amanda Lepore before and after lip injections Courtney Love before and after lip injections Courtney Love Cristina Kirchner before and after lip injections Cristina Kirchner […]

Celebrities with buttock augmentation Celebrities with buttock augmentation

Take a look at the celebrities before and after their buttock implants and booty augmentation surgery. Heidi Montag buttock implants Booty implants of Heidi Montag. Jenna Jameson buttock implants Jenna Jameson after surgery Karissa Shannon buttock implants Karissa Shannon after surgery Kim Kardashian buttock implants Kim Kardashian after surgery Nicki Minaj buttock implants Nicki Minaj […]

Celebrities who use botox Celebrities who use botox

Courteney Cox before and after botox Demi Moore before and after botox Jenny McCarthy before and after botox Katie Price before and after botox Leslie Ash before and after botox Lindsay Lohan before and after botox Madonna before and after botox Meg Ryan before and after botox Pete Burns before and after botox Vanessa Williams […]