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Celebrities As Simpsons Characters Celebrities As Simpsons Characters

Many episodes of The Simpsons feature parodies of famous people. These are different from actual celebrity cameos since these people seem to have never actually appeared on The Simpsons in a cameo role and the references are often satirical in nature. Bill Gates on The Simpsons Bill Gates Dalai Lama on The Simpsons Dalai Lama […]

Jazmin De Grazia Jazmin De Grazia

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Dancing with the Stars, Argentina – 2012 Dancing with the Stars, Argentina – 2012

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20 Celebrities With Cellulite 20 Celebrities With Cellulite

Alicia Silverstone with cellulite Alicia Silverstone Britney Spears with cellulite Britney Spears Cameron Diaz with cellulite Cameron Diaz Cindy Crawford with cellulite Cindy Crawford Drew Barrymore with cellulite Drew Barrymore Eva Longoria with cellulite Eva Longoria Evangeline Lilly with cellulite Evangeline Lilly Halle Berry with cellulite Halle Berry Helen Hunt with cellulite Helen Hunt Hilary […]

Celebrity Caricatures Celebrity Caricatures

Esta es la primera serie de caricaturas de famosos realizadas por talentosos ilustradores de todo el mundo. Lionel Messi Caricatura de Lionel Messi realizada por Mehdi Ali Beigi Lula Dasilva Caricatura de Lula Dasilva realizada por Dalcio Machado Michael Jackson Caricatura de Michael Jackson realizada por Court Jones Mick Jagger Caricatura de Mick Jagger realizada […]

Sabrina Garciarena Sabrina Garciarena

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Natalia Oreiro Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro is a Latin Grammy-nominated Uruguayan singer, actress and fashion designer of Galician ancestry, who developed most of her career in Argentina. Oreiro began her career in soap operas. Since 2008 she has switched to work primarily in films. Oreiro has worked on social awareness shows and events for organizations like Greenpeace and UNICEF, […]

Pablo Echarri Pablo Echarri

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Felipe Camiroaga Felipe Camiroaga

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20 Celebrity nose jobs 20 Celebrity nose jobs

Ashlee Simpson – Nose Job Take a look at some celebrities with nose jobs. Ashlee Simpson, singer. Beyonce – Nose Job Beyonce, singer. Nose jobs, also called Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and aesthetically enhancing the nose, by resolving nasal trauma (blunt, penetrating, blast), congenital […]