María Fernanda Neil (born 1982-10-19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an actress and fashion model.

Neil made her Argentine television debut on Telefé’s production Verano del ’98 (“Summer of ’98”), playing a small role, in 1998. She acted alongside Celeste Cid, Guido Kaczka and Diego Mesaglio, among others.

Neil was then cast as “Martina” by Alberto Fernández de Rosa in Cris Morena’s Chiquititas, an international hit. Neil joined Cid, Kaczka, Fernández de Rosa and Mesaglio in that production, and she played Valeria Díaz’s romance rival and Ezequiel Castano’s “Mosca”‘s love interest. In 1999, Neil played a second character in Chiquititas (“Tiny Angels”), as “Fernanda”.