Jorge Ernesto Lanata was born September 12th 1960 in Mar del Plata, a shore city in the province of Buenos Aires.

He became a journalist at the age of 14 writing news pieces for Radio Nacional. At the early age of 26, he founded the Newspaper Página/12.This paper reformulated press journalism in a way unknown to the country until its appearance. He later produced and hosted the TV shows “Hora 25” (Hour 25), “Rompecabezas” (Puzzle) and the acclaimed “Día D” (D Day), aired in weekly deliveries. His books “Argentina I and II”, with over 340.000 copies sold, were declared official textbooks at Argentine Schools. In 2004 he released his first documentary “Deuda” (Debt) immediately after that he published another book, DNA.
Actually, he is part of the Latinamerican social gathering, in Cadena Ser, (Spain) with Álvaro Vargas Llosa and Jaime Baily. Jorge Lanata is, without a doubt, one of the icons of national journalism, not only for the commitment and passion he has displayed throughout his career but also for his distinct and controversial talent that took on the media and which has triggered new formats and styles.